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In general, a curtain is a piece of soft material hung across windows to regulate the entry of light, wind, or water into a room. Aside from this, curtains are also designed to adorn windows. Cafe curtains are a type of curtain which is suspended from window rods installed horizontally on the center--not the top--of a window. The distinct feature of cafe curtains is that they cover only the bottom half of the window.

Cafe curtains are shorter than most types of curtains. The top of cafe curtains are usually designed to have small folds of cloth which are sewn through and pulled lightly, similar to the waist of a skirt. Although cafe curtains may be hung in any room, they are ideal for use in the kitchen, where natural lighting is most welcome. For people who have smaller living rooms, such as in apartments, cafe curtains may be nice to use, because they do not make space look cramped. The reason why a number of people like cafe curtains is that these give just the right amount of light, as well as privacy.

There are several types of cafe curtains. In fact, there is a wide variety to choose from, depending on color, fabric, patterns, and style. There are cafe curtains made from cotton, lace, silk, and other types of fabric. Cafe curtains may or may not be used with valances or sheer, full-length curtains. How you use cafe curtains mainly depends on your needs and decorating preferences.

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